Contact Virginia CARES today if you are within 6 months of release from incarceration

The Commonwealth's Statewide Re-Entry Solution.

New Leaf is proud to be one of the only resources that deals primarily with ex-offenders and the homeless.

There are a plethora of career sites that house thousands of jobs, but their target audience is pretty narrow.  We, at New Leaf, have found a love for helping a seemingly lost segment of society, the forgotten, the ex-offenders after an extended time of incarceration.. We have spent years helping the men and women that have asked for a hand up, and we have seen great results. With over 350 people  placed in FT and PT work in the Lynchburg area since 2012, we strive to have a relationship with them, to not just say goodbye and good luck, but to be there for any questions or help they may need after they start their new career.  We encourage communication and offer help with substance abuse or mental health issues. We are there if needed.

The Guy Behind New Leaf Employment


Collison J. Corner

From 2012 - 2015, Collison has been volunteering at the Lighthouse Community Center in Lynchburg, VA as the guy who gets people jobs. He has put over 350 people to work (most with a criminal record) and maintains a local list of companies that are willing to give someone with a record a chance. He has held several job fairs that are geared toward ex-offenders (felons) with over 200 people in attendance. The name of the program is called "New Leaf" as that is what many of his clients are doing, "turning a new leaf". One of his favorite verses is from 2 Corinthians. Chapter 5, verse 7 that says. "Therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a NEW creation. Old things have passed away and all things have become NEW."


Collison is now working FT with the Virginia CARES program as the Employment Specialist for ex-offenders, but keeps New Leaf alive in his spare time.